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Princess Connect! Re:Dive Season 2 is an interesting show—especially as a tie-in to a popular mobile game. Rather than being a direct adaptation of the game, it’s based on, it’s by and large a collection of original side stories. While the show does include pieces of character-specific stories found in the game, the main plot is avoided entirely.

This proves to be a bit of a double-edged sword. While there is tremendous creative freedom for the makers of the anime—as is clearly evident in this episode—it also means that there can be little to no meaningful character growth or story progression. So, how does one keep an audience entertained under such limitations? Princess Connect’s answer is simple: lean into the comedy.

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The members of the Gourmet Guild—Yuuki, Kokkoro, Pecorine, and Karyl—continue to scour the world in pursuit of their goal to seek out all delicious food in existence. However, as their adventures progress, the mysteries behind Yuuki’s memories, Karyl’s allegiance, and Pecorine’s heritage begin to come together—seemingly forming the truth that makes up the world’s very foundation.


After watching this season, I can conclude that the show finally has its happy ending. It was a great 24-episode journey with the Gourmet Guild and the ending is really satisfying. Usually, video-game adaptations in the anime industry could be disappointing; apparently, the show is not following that harsh criticism. From my experience, the anime did not induce confusion, and I appreciate the fun moments most. Believe me when I will mention fun multiple times in this review because I really did.


Princess Connect season 2’s story takes place after its video game events which should pretty much signify its importance in understanding the contexts in the anime. It requires the audience to be aware of the events prior to the anime, but it is not necessary since the story will be revealing the events through hints and occurrences that can be assumed and concluded, therefore, it is also not a problem to watch the anime without context from its original game. Of course, it is still better having a short understanding of the events before so check them out through research.

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If you are lazy however and wanted to know a bit through my analogy with another anime, it would be like the fate series since the endgame results to having its “winner” grant a wish. This also includes fight sequences and styles from the other anime. Regardless, the fantasy world is interesting in its own with a mix of comedy and fun from the cute and adorable characters of the story.

After the video game events, the story is set on a fantasy world where the protagonist falls from the sky with no recollection before meeting his comrades. He journeyed throughout the nation of “Landosol” and found friends to bond with and later form a guild called the “Gourmet Guild”. With the main mission of finding the best food and ingredients for the guild, mysteries bounding Yuuki started revealing itself explaining how the world and the relevant memories connect to the events happening currently and the dangers that must have happened from his past. With how this story is set up, it may seem not seem exciting, but the journey and the character development stories are wonderful in a world full of anime girls. Yes, only a few male characters to be noticed.


The protagonist himself is not the strongest and he doesn’t have the most appealing characteristics among the main characters. It would seem that Pecorine is the strongest fighter among them, and Karyl is left on the second spot for that. That is just how their party was setup, so it shouldn’t be a problem. But after watching this season, I’d say that there would be surprises to be expected for the main characters, especially from Yuuki himself.

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The anime is a video game adaptation with many selections of characters to choose from, so the show reveals many side characters that has a short time on screen that would manage to come back later. This kind of detail is both a good thing and a bad thing because many characters appearing in the show can be confusing and their existence may seem forgetful later, but a variety could raise multiple base preferences and relatable characters. Not to mention how many names you would have to remember.


The only problem with its art style is its consistency. Otherwise, most of the animations were enjoyable to the point it becomes fluid. There was only one instance when they lost its consistency in animation quality, but it won’t affect the overall enjoyment of the show so this can be overlooked easily. The fighting animations are flashy in terms of its movements and use of visual effects.

There are also many beautiful sceneries and vibrant details. Fight scenes are not intense and very serious, but the style in which characters fight seems more fun than intense, that’s why their adventures were given captivating moments for the audience to remember at least.


The opening song is great, but it was repeatedly used from the first season which I think came also from its original game, but it wasn’t bad since it still appreciated as a video game adaptation and staying true to its own. However, its repetition played different tones and styles in many key scenes which induced nostalgia and melancholy for the anime which was a good touch for its music category. However, the variety to its music could be better, but I doubt since the quality of background music still strengthens the thrill and intensity of fighting in the anime for example. Other than its use of music, sound effects are overpowering and bold, especially for its fight scenes. Overall, it was very good and not bad from my perspective.

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Do you realize how often I mentioned fight scenes while making this review? Surely, my enjoyment could be based on this experience. There were many amazing fight sequences that are very flashy and animated very well which is still light for its fun atmosphere but still intense for all the colorful effects on screen.

The adventures of the Gourmet Guild were also fun. The adorable and hilarious faces of the team, especially Kyaru’s panic faces and Kokkoro’s “meep”, the funny attempts and dangers of the guild during their adventures, the interesting side characters that are introduced in many of its episodes. Not to mention, the surrounding yuri moment developed between Karyl and Pecorine – but it is rather wholesome in my own opinion.


Final rating is based heavily on my art quality and enjoyment for this anime. I would really recommend the anime to anyone who is looking for a heartwarming fantasy anime or a beautiful action fighting sequence with lots of cute girls in the action. However, this could be a disappointment for those who haven’t played or understood the story so far, but I would rather ask you to give it a chance even if no background info has been presented at the start.

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Princess Connect! Re:Dive Season 2 is an interesting show—especially as a tie-in to a popular mobile game. Rather than being a direct adaptation of the game, it's based on, it's by and large a collection of original side stories. While the show does include...Princess Connect! Re:Dive Season 2
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