Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to Review


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Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to begin since their days as students, Tsukasa Jinguuji has had incredible luck with women due to his good looks; Hinata Tachibana has had almost none, overshadowed by Jinguuji’s brilliance. However, while Jinguuji has never shown interest in the opposite sex, Tachibana is always desperate for a girlfriend. Despite their polar differences, they continue to be best friends even in their thirties as salarymen.

One night, the two are returning home from a mixer where Jinguuji was the center of attention as usual. In his drunken rambles, a frustrated Tachibana inadvertently wishes to become a beautiful girl with irresistible charm. As if the heavens were listening, a goddess suddenly shows herself before Jinguuji and Tachibana, transporting them to another world to defeat the Demon Lord and simultaneously granting Tachibana’s desire.

Tachibana—now in the body of an impossibly perfect woman—has become so attractive that even Jinguuji is captivated. Moreover, Tachibana grows aware of Jinguuji’s stunning appearance, finally understanding his popularity. Before they fall in love with each other, the duo must complete their mission or risk remaining prisoners to their infatuations forever.

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Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to made me give the first 10 for an anime, and it sure deserved a higher score and popularity than it has! Being a show that delivers exactly what it proposes, the characters guide the plot in a natural and funny way with engaging interactions without taking themselves too seriously. It’s perfect for those who like the “characters carry the show” style, because everything — and then some! — which you will receive has almost no plot/objective development initially set (in a comically generic way, but still), so be warned!


Fabiniku’s setting is the most generic thing you can think of and expect from an Isekai: Random teleport to another world, body swapping, extremely generic and unattractive locations that every low-budget Isekai would surely offer you, and of course, a demon lord. This one who is described throughout the entire anime as the worst enemy, extremely powerful and frightening and doesn’t even appear in any way, because the way to him is long. So how does this get a 7? Can such a generic plot bring something good or minimally innovative to an Isekai? The answer is yes and no. The story itself is weak (on purpose), but the situations that surround this plot and the characters that carry it make the adventure so fun! You almost feel like participating in this world, just because everything looks so amazing. The idea of ​​turning a man into a beautiful girl is not new, but the execution here makes you enjoy it as if it were the first time.

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Of course, the MCs’ backstories and flashbacks are very well constructed and the show knows well how to manage this development as well as the emotional moments without killing the comedy. The plot flows naturally and consistently, and fulfills its role, bringing fun characters that take the story forward with absurd situations as they advance on their long journey. Not to mention the additional romance, which develops little by little and still doesn’t take itself completely seriously so as not to get lost in the story.


The art isn’t overly special or in any flashy and different style, but like most things on this show, it’s consistent and flows well throughout the episodes. They use the right angles, the right expressions for the right moments and abuse the most simplistic and generic scenarios possible, which contrasts with the flashy design of the characters that make up the place. They all have their own characteristics and expressions, along with the colorful art style makes the comedy look richer, putting a lot of emphasis on the beauty of our MCs. It works well for the anime style, especially in body language. I felt like I could fall under Tachibana’s charms that way too!

The animation by OP and ED is also worth mentioning and lots of kudos. It’s just hilarious and captures every character’s personality without you even starting to watch.

Some creative choices like censoring the more daring clothes from the manga, replacing them with a friendly version made me really curious, but it’s not like it’s something important to the plot at these times.


The sounds are magnificent. The VAs really put effort into their roles and seemed to be having a great time. From the comically exaggerated reactions to the emotional lines, all the characters managed to sound genuine and still sound great! There were great choices of VAs here, fitting their characters well and their polished lines.

OP and ED are contagious and got me hooked for weeks! Both bring a similar vibe and rhythm to the songs used in older anime/vocaloid era, which instantly brings a sense of nostalgia. A very smart choice! Well, in addition to fitting very well into the show, it still sticks in our heads with that false nostalgia that’s fun to navigate. Simply fantastic. OP’s singer is amazing and both OP and ED are super fun to watch alongside the visuals as well as listen separately. Quite striking and characteristic. It brought an extra touch of identity, without being a forgettable and/or generic seasonal anime OP and ED.

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Damn, I usually skip EDs and avoid them like hell, so if this is one of those animes that makes me watch it and get a taste of “I want more”, it already deserves a lot more of my attention.

About the OST, we had good solid and weather use during the episodes. Nothing to complain about, and some are really good to listen to in isolation. Highlight for the use of the OST in episode 12! Very good and that also contains the identity of the program, without sounding generic or overused.


It is in this topic that Fabiniku hits even harder! Instead of tailoring the characters to the plot and just putting a set of standard features and jokes, this show makes the characters guide everything that happens, as well as innovate in the distribution of jokes and new things shown on screen. All the characters, even though they don’t take themselves seriously either, feel so real — I mean, I’d like to go on an adventure with them. The main development of the MCs, from the first moment of reluctance, to the discovery of motivations and the hints of the past left here and there make you really care about them! Even though you know nothing will happen you feel a pang in your stomach because the show made you care, the show showed how important they are to each other.

Not only does it hit the nail on the head in development, it makes them full of personalities. I was surprised to realize that the characters aren’t pieces of cardboard with just basic features like in half of the Isekais. Even the secondary characters or those who only appear once manage to make you laugh and be present with their diverse personalities. My girlfriend just watched the last two episodes of Fabiniku and was able to sympathize and understand the characters’ personalities, as well as relate to an emotional ending that you normally wouldn’t get if you hadn’t seen all the episodes, or at least a good portion of them. They are consistent characters, who can win you over even if you watch just one of the 12 episodes.

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I enjoyed every moment and looked forward to the next episode. I hardly ever catch myself laughing out loud in comedy anime (my favorite genre, by the way!), but this one I didn’t just laugh once or twice in specific episodes — for me the fun was continuous, with no breaks. Watching two elderly MCs trying to get used to the fact that one of them is an extremely beautiful blonde girl while trying not to fall in love is the last thing I thought I needed, but I am so grateful for existing.

It’s a light comedy that made me laugh, get emotional and have fun with even the smallest characters. Every episode was a highlight, except episode 9, which left me with the slight impression that they cut out the best parts in order to speed things up, but still had its funny moments. The ending was left open for a sequel and I would love to have one in the future. The characters and the good music are worth the journey! And I confess I’m curious to know where else they will end up on this journey and what other fun characters they will find. Well, manga time!

(Small highlight for the messages of support for the LGBTQ+ community and the fact that it is a married couple behind this story, which made my heart warm. It’s hard to find these things in anime.)

I don’t know if it’s accurate to point this out, but if you like anime like KonoSuba (although the comedy isn’t so over-the-top in Fabiniku) or the romance between the MCs of Kaguya sama: Love is war, I think you should check this one out! It’s definitely very funny and at the end of it all, a story about friendship.

Overall, it’s a great comedy with a gender bend element and bonus romance. I think you should try it if it resonates with your taste! Honestly, even if it doesn’t resonate because I watched episode 1 uncompromisingly, not expecting anything from an Isekai (definitely a genre I don’t really like) and left laughing out loud, curious about the next happenings and in love with the characters. Really try if it catches your interest! The premise is simple and might be worth your time.

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Synopsis Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to begin since their days as students, Tsukasa Jinguuji has had incredible luck with women due to his good looks; Hinata Tachibana has had almost none, overshadowed by Jinguuji's brilliance. However, while Jinguuji has never shown interest in the opposite...Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to Review
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