Orient Part 2 Review


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Orient: Awajishima Gekitou-hen
オリエント 淡路島激闘編

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Orient Part 2 begin after Musashi rescues Michiru Saruwatari from a demon, his friend Kojirou Kanemaki discovers that his father was a member of the Uesugi clan. Determined to learn more about his own past, Kojirou—alongside his Kanemaki clansmen—decides to participate in Uesugi’s punitive expedition against the demon lord of Awaji Island: Yamata no Orochi, an eight-headed dragon that threatens to engulf the entire region.

However, upon joining Uesugi’s military alliance, Musashi faces the harsh reality of fighting against powerful demons. Humiliated by his lack of power and inability to work in groups, he has to learn how to cooperate with his newfound allies. Meanwhile, the Obsidian Eight—a group pursuing the Obsidian Goddess that dwells within Musashi’s body—resumes its hunt for Musashi, and plans to thwart the ongoing island operation. As the situation grows chaotic, Musashi and his friends must foil the machinations of the various factions conspiring to seize the Obsidian Goddess.

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Orient Part 2 has finally come back from its wonky 1st split-cour in Winter, and has it changed my perception of how Shinobu Ohtaka has progressed as a mangaka? NOPE, not one bit at all.

With Part 2’s arrival covering the 4th arc of the manga from Volumes 6 through to 13 (God, that almost looks like the anime is rushing, but the adverse is true becuse the manga chapter panels are getting shorter) showing the Awajishima Gekitou-hen a.k.a The Battle of Awaji Island arc, featuring the Kanemaki Band trio Musashi, Kojiro and Tsugumi descending onto Awaji Island to learn more about Kojiro’s past. Pretty standard and typical Shonen fare.

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So, first things first. It’s nice to see Musashi have a change of heart thanks to this character called Michiru Saruwatari, whom the trio first encountered right at the end of the 1st half of the series being attacked and captured by an Oni, only to be rescued by them. Despite being a damsel in distress, Michiru, for some reason, doesn’t communicate because she’s too shy, and letting both Kojiro and Tsugumi fight over her to get her to talk frustrates the hell outta Musashi out, and she finally opens her mouth because he remembers her name. But at the time, and despite the growing intimacy between the two, they were both travelling in opposite directions, so that’s where their initial separation lies. It’s not until the Awaji Island Recapture Operation arc that this girl would come back again after the trio banded with other Bushi bands to form the Uesugi Alliance in order to take down the famed 8-headed dragon Yamata no Orochi, one of the 5 strongest Onis in the series and the feared green Kishin who has occupied Awaji Island.

But to Michiru, she has one more problem up her sleeve: her own father Yataro. Like Shiro Inukai, Nanao Inusaka (both of which were seen at the end of the 1st half) and Seiroku Inukawa, Yataro Inuda is also a member of the Obsidian Eight, whose purpose as you know is to extract the Obsidian Goddess out of Musashi. And this father expects a lot from his only capable daughter, seeing that she like any Bushi, wield a Kitetsu Blade, and named her after being his 3000th creation. But knowing that Yataro would do anything to capture Musashi, the burden lands on Michiru to inform Musashi and the others about the impending doom on Awaji Island, and the stage is set for the immense conflict bound to happen over the course of the 2nd half.

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In all essence, you should expect from the somewhat subpar showing of the 1st half to be carried over here, that’s a mainstay. The only thing that’s improved here is Shinobu Ohtaka’s story elements that come now with high stakes given that the Obsidian Goddess is pretty much in peril in spite of Musashi who still has no clear idea how to fully utilize its power, that is until now. And despite the Kanemaki trio not making a lot of screentime in the latter half, some people do are given the spotlight instead, like Tatsuomi Uesugi: the unrivalled leader of the Uesugi Band/Alliance and one of the 5 Grand Generals of Hinomoto, and Akihiro Shimazu of the Shimazu Band. They stand out for their own reasons, are given ample screentime to work their issues out and experience character growth. This is the same for Musashi as he is being shifted to the forefront, he’s still the same bragging boy, but changed for others and most certainly Michiru for their budding relationship. The OST sounds more or less just about the same (Da-iCE is just Da-iCE), though like with Wataru Hatano’s 1st half’s ED, Gakuto Kajiwara’s 2nd half ED is on par as well for being as enjoyable.

At the end of the day, it’s no doubt an improvement. But really though, it’s not by much.

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Orient: Awajishima Gekitou-hen オリエント 淡路島激闘編 Synopsis Orient Part 2 begin after Musashi rescues Michiru Saruwatari from a demon, his friend Kojirou Kanemaki discovers that his father was a member of the Uesugi clan. Determined to learn more about his own past, Kojirou—alongside his Kanemaki clansmen—decides to participate...Orient Part 2 Review
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