Utawarerumono 3


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Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro
Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth
うたわれるもの 二人の白皇
Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth

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Utawarerumono 3 begin after the events of Mask of Deception, the Yamato Empire is now ruled with an iron fist by a ruthless usurper who seeks to subjugate all before him. It’s up to a couple of familiar faces to band together against the might of the Imperial army, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance as nations and generals must pick a side to fight with in this perilous civil war. Secrets might be revealed, friendships will be tested, and battles will be fought. Will peace and order be restored or will victory at any cost be the beginning of the end?

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Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth is the third game in the Utawarerumono series and a direct continuation of the story that began in Mask of Deception. To be clear, after I say that I imply that Mask of Deception isn’t an entire story with out Mask of Reality and Mask of Truth isn’t an entire story with out Mask of Deception. That is in distinction to the primary, which ought to completely be performed earlier than taking part in both of those, but it exists as a separate full story that the latter two games are a sequel to.

This game is similar to the earlier game by way of methods, whereby it has a couple of additions for probably the most half it’s merely the identical factor in that it’s a VN/SRPG hybrid whereby the one management the participant has throughout VN parts is in what order to do sure occasions. The important thing distinction there nonetheless, could be by way of steadiness, whereby within the earlier game it felt prefer it was way more weighted in the direction of the VN portion, right here it feels just like the VN portion and SRPG portion are balanced fairly equally. Thus, the story remains to be of essential significance, however the gameplay truly feels prefer it issues on this one.

Story sensible, Mask of Deception had left the game at a extremely excessive level the place I used to be extremely hyped and excited by realizing the place the story would lead. Thus, a very powerful factor story sensible on this game could be for every little thing that was constructed up within the second game, the plot, the lore, the characters, to have good payoffs. And to that finish the game was improbable. The apparent first main ingredient that wanted to be correctly completed was Haku faking his id as Oshtor. It ought to be clear from the second game that Haku has an extremely completely different persona from Oshtor, so how he would pull it off was one of many largest factors of curiosity on the finish of the second game.

The writing dealt with it much better than I anticipated. I anticipated Haku to be fairly horrible at it and for it to result in apparent points and numerous awkwardness, however that by no means actually occurs. There are only a few awkward moments and people are all confined to comedic parts so that they really feel awkward by design. A key a part of that’s that even when the opposite most important characters suspect and even totally know, for probably the most half they select to associate with it out of belief, which manages to be written fairly effectively and serves nearly as good growth of the bonds between them.

I felt this was very true for Kuon, who begins suspecting in the course of what’s already a extremely highly effective and wonderful scene, and it simply flows extremely effectively from there, particularly as she too was hiding her true id. Moreover, Haku performing as Oshtor is actually good growth of Haku throughout the context of what we’ve seen of Haku from the second game, as due to how completely different their personalities are him managing to tug it off actually speaks effectively of Haku. Haku was principally a personality that solely got here by when it actually counted however was lazy more often than not. Oshtor in his persona as Oshtor was at all times strict and took every little thing severely. Haku performing as Oshtor is principally in a state of issues at all times counting, and thus him at all times coming by on a regular basis for lack of a greater method to clarify it, and simply makes him really feel unimaginable. That mixed along with his continued inside monologuing as Haku filled with half assed whining and complaining regardless of his actions and phrases correctly being of the strict and accountable Oshtor additionally make him immensely likable.

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The game additionally does a extremely good job with the opposite most important characters. The second game launched so much, however didn’t do an excessive amount of to develop them. On this game numerous the principle solid get character arcs with good character growth. Nekone’s is tied fairly intently to Oshtor and thus is tied into Haku’s growth, and thus ends in each good growth in her and relationship growth within the two. Anju’s is tied fairly closely to the one of many most important overarching plot threads by way of her retaking the throne, so she will get good growth there, with the scene of her dealing with Tuskur’s princess being particularly wonderful. Kuon is considerably tied into the overarching plot thread about Anju retaking the throne the place she will get some good growth, however she’s additionally closely tied into the opposite overarching plot thread that exists past that the place she will get actually good growth and extremely good relationship growth with Haku. Rulutieh, Nosuri, and Atuy every have subplot arcs centered round them primarily which are used to develop each their characters and relationship with Haku rather well.

The varied different characters corresponding to Jachdwalt, Kiwru, Raiko, Mikazuchi, Maroro, Woshis, Saraana, Uruuru, and the Mikado, all get fleshed out higher and given extra concrete backgrounds, motivations, and personalities. The narrative additionally does a great job with the brand new characters, Shis, Itak, and Oshtor’s mother, in addition to all of the characters it brings again from the primary game. Simply generally, the game does a extremely good job at showcasing the net of complicated bonds between all of the characters within the game that exist regardless of the secrets and techniques being saved. That it managed to do effectively with so many characters I believe is extremely spectacular.

The final story ingredient that wanted a great payoff on is the overarching plot and the way it connects into all of the lore. The world constructing of Utawarerumono has at all times been nice due to what number of layers it has. On prime of the usual medieval like world, there’s supernatural parts and lengthy misplaced superior expertise. Because the saying goes, any sufficiently superior expertise is indistinguishable from magic, and the superior expertise is superior sufficient to the folks of the world it straight up appears divine, and thus they view it as supernatural.

Nonetheless, it’s not, and the protagonist and participant very a lot understand it’s not, and that finally ends up taking part in a significant half within the narrative, serving as the inspiration for the event of various religions that discover their root from the identical occasions that have been initially explored within the first game, expanded on within the second, however the results of which solely get totally explored on this game. It additionally tackled different themes like the connection between people and their gods, what it even means to be a god, the worth of humanity dealing with adversity and progressing on it’s personal, the hazard in a civilization utilizing expertise they themselves haven’t developed, in addition to the hazard of unfettered growth of expertise as an entire. All of that serves as a great basis for the plot, although most of that is weighted in the direction of the ultimate quarter of the game.

The primary three quarter’s are extra centered across the less complicated medieval world, however that too is kind of attention-grabbing in and of itself with it’s numerous politics and conflicts, and thus the trail by which alliances are developed and numerous methods and techniques carried out with the intention to retake the capital is kind of attention-grabbing as effectively.

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In fact, the important thing to all of this being so effectively written is the way it works very effectively in complimenting the characters and their tales which makes it an entire lot simpler to get invested in every little thing. That mixed with how the writing has actually good pacing as effectively, whereby the primary game was fairly gentle for the primary two thirds of the game and solely actually received critical within the final third the place issues received excessive, there’s a a lot better steadiness of getting critical and lighthearted parts unfold out earlier than that on this game, although the final third of this game remains to be fairly a bit extra excessive than the remainder of the game. This makes it so much simpler to understand the slice of life parts extra and in addition permits them to go with the extra critical parts so much higher. I might additionally like to notice that the cultures of the world are additionally fleshed out rather well with a great quantity of selection which makes the characters visiting numerous areas attention-grabbing as effectively. I additionally recognize the trouble that was put into making a glossary with illustrations and descriptions of issues that fleshed out that tradition past what was within the script itself.

The ending was total actually loopy, however in the end I must say I prefer it. The plot main as much as it was fairly unpredictable I’d say, whereby issues get means worse than I anticipated, and the ending doesn’t actually reverse how unhealthy issues get, relatively merely exhibits the solid shifting past it, which leaves a little bit of a foul aftertaste. Nonetheless, the way it dealt with every little thing else is wonderful. The looks of all the foremost characters main as much as the ultimate battle, issues feeling like they’re over solely to have one ultimate twist, the reappearance of main characters then in probably the most spectacular style doable was extremely hype.

That is adopted by an epilogue that first wraps up the bigger political like plot parts earlier than offering an epilogue to primarily all the principle characters individually, together with aspect characters I wasn’t actually anticipating to see a lot of once more, which supplies a extremely good sense of closure, however leaves simply sufficient mysterious for it to be actually attention-grabbing as effectively. General, it left me feeling immensely glad with the story of sequence as an entire, whereby I really feel unhappy that it’s over, however I’m actually pleased with how issues went and actually glad to have skilled it.

By way of the SRPG game play methods themselves, they’re extremely much like the earlier game. It’s important to handle numerous characters who’ve quite a lot of passive and energetic expertise. Nearly all of these carry over from map to map and thus the participant has management over what gadgets to equip them with and which stats to speculate their ability factors into. General I’d should say the implementation is a lot better polished although. The earlier game already had a great number of models that supplied a great quantity of flexibility, and the models this game provides appear to increase that.

As well as, the adjustments to the outdated models appear to raised differentiate them which feels prefer it additional provides tactical depth. On prime of that, whereas the earlier game was fairly straightforward from starting to finish, this game truly feels prefer it requires some ability. It’s very not often truly tough throughout the principle game, nevertheless it’s not an entire cake stroll both, which made issues extra satisfying. It additionally felt like there was way more selection throughout the principle story, with the excessive factors throughout battles being a lot greater than something through the earlier game, with the final most important game battle particularly standing out as very completely different however amazingly effectively completed. I did really feel the final battle was too lengthy although, however I’m in all probability biased on that matter from the truth that my game crashed through the ultimate section of that battle.

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As well as, there are two kinds of aspect missions primarily. The primary is Purple and White the place the participant is given a random set of their models to battle in opposition to the AI controlling the remaining. It is a method to degree up models because the expertise acquire on either side is saved, however matches nonetheless take means too lengthy for it to really feel worthwhile. The opposite aspect missions are Munechika’s trials that are principally puzzles the place the necessities are such that solely a really particular sequence of instructions ends in victory.

I believed that these have been extremely effectively made and did a extremely good job at instructing the extra delicate facets of the methods within the game. They don’t actually present a lot by way of rewards for finishing them although. This time, the publish game truly felt value whereas to do because the story has a correct ending and their isn’t simply an amazing urge to maneuver on with the story. The publish game is a sequence of maps referred to as dream levels which are considerably harder than any of the story missions. The latter ones I might say are straight up unattainable with out at the very least some grinding for BP and gadgets.

Doing so uncovered how tough grinding on this game really is. The overwhelming majority of XP acquire comes from the primary time you end ranges so making an attempt to grind XP is just about futile. Grinding BP is far simpler, however the quantity of BP required to extend stats will increase exponentially whereas the way it’s gained doesn’t so it turns into fairly tough to actually get stats previous a sure level by way of that as effectively. Lastly, gadgets are solely obtained on the finish of maps with every merchandise having a sure share that it’ll drop. I discovered these percentages ridiculous. There’s a trophy for acquiring each merchandise drop within the game so I used to be aiming at that initially. However after doing a map 15 occasions for an merchandise that ought to have a 30% drop likelihood I gave up. Sure, I do know that that is theoretically doable, however that it truly occurred is loopy. There ought to be some form of pity system that ensures drops after a sure level.

Anyway, the issue of the dream levels are good at making completely certain you perceive the methods totally. The power to rewind a sure variety of turns is an effective crutch and is sweet for studying with out issues being too punishing, however recognizing when you must rewind can also be tremendous necessary as you may find yourself in conditions the place even rewinding the complete quantity isn’t sufficient to save lots of you.

General, I’d say I loved the precise game play of this entry way over earlier ones which contemplating the way it’s much more distinguished makes the game much more satisfying total.

The graphics and such are simply nearly as good because the earlier entry, that means that it’s clearly low finances however they made good use of that finances with an excellent artwork fashion and good CGs. The character designs are nonetheless improbable and I might particularly like to notice Kuon’s alternate outfit seems wonderful.

The soundtrack can also be fairly good and used fairly effectively. It’s considerably repetitive with the earlier video games nevertheless it by no means actually felt that means as a consequence of how the tracks are used and since they match the environment so effectively.

The game additionally makes good use of music noticeably from the primary and second game throughout key factors regarding them which manages to have numerous impression. The OP has visuals even stronger than the second game, although I’d should say I choose the music from the second extra. I additionally felt that this OP spoiled issues an excessive amount of.

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