Winter anime “Modaete yo, Adam-kun” Kazuki is pressed by Kaede, a super frustrated female teacher…Episode 2 advance cut


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Synopsis and preview of the 2nd episode “The teacher has to calm you down” from the winter anime “Writhe in agony, Adam-kun” from “AnimeFesta Original”, also known as the “monk frame”, which will be broadcast from Sunday, January 14, 2024. Scene cuts have been released.

“Writhe, Adam-kun” is based on “Washiya-san!”, which was broadcast on “AnimeFesta Original” in 2019. This is a “harem x near-future science fiction” comic created by Toyo, who is also known as the original author of ~Me and Him in the Women’s Bath!?~.

Set in a world where all humans have suffered from ED due to the aftereffects of a pandemic, Kazuki, a male student who is the only human being with a healthy crotch, encounters a kind and friendly senior, a frustrated female teacher, the school’s prince, and a member of a financial group. The story depicts an exciting harem life in a school full of girls, surrounded by young ladies.

Episode 2 “Teacher has to calm me down” Synopsis

Female teacher Kaede Shiina was extremely frustrated. Ever since the pandemic caused all of humanity to suffer from ED, she has been craving a man who can satisfy her.

Kazuki Sonomiya, a transfer student with a gigantic crotch, appears before Kaede. Even though Kaede is Kazuki’s teacher, she puts aside her shame and external rumors and approaches Kazuki. “You’re the only one I have…I’ve been holding back for so long…That’s why…” What choice did Kazuki make after being solicited?

The second episode of “Adamteyo, Adam-kun”, “I have to calm you down, sir,” will begin airing on TOKYO MX and other channels from January 14th. A premium version for adults will also be distributed exclusively at “AnimeFesta”.

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