Winter anime “Only I Level Up” Shun and the others go to the temple dungeon! What was waiting there…Episode 2 scene cut


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The synopsis and scene cuts of 02 (episode 2) “If I Had One More Chance” from the winter anime “If I Had One More Chance”, which will be broadcast from January 13, 2024 (Saturday), have been released.

The original work of “Only I Level Up” is written by Chugong, illustrated by DUBU (REDICE STUDIO), and adapted by h-goon (published by D&C Webtoon Biz.), with a cumulative total of 6.5 on the web comic service “Piccoma”. A novel and comic work from Korea that has recorded 100 million PV.

Set in a world where there is a “gate” that connects another dimension and the present world, and humans with special abilities called “hunters,” one day Shun Mizushino, the lowest-ranked hunter known as humanity’s weakest weapon,… It’s a high-speed action fantasy where you suddenly acquire the power to “level up” and run from the weakest to the strongest.

02 “If I Had One More Chance” Synopsis

Shun and his friends, who had been conquering the low-level dungeon, go deeper and step into a temple dungeon they have never seen before.
Three rules and a monster that exceeds fear and borders on despair awaits there.

Shun and his friends are helpless as they watch their friends die one after another at the hands of monsters shaped like god statues.
Amidst the swirl of death and mystery, what is the way out that Shun has found?

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