Winter anime “Butchigiri?!” “Free!” An original anime presented by director Hiroko Utsumi and MAPPA! “Yankee x One Thousand and One Nights” Episode 1 now available


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The first episode of the winter anime “Bucchigiri?!” “Galescence!? Koisuru Fortune Bang Bungee?” will be broadcast from January 13, 2024 (Saturday). It will be distributed on ABEMA and other channels from 23:30 on Sunday, January 14th.

“Butchigiri?!” is an original TV anime created by director Hiroko Utsumi of “Free!” and “BANANA FISH,” series composition by Takashi Kishimoto, character design by Takahiro Kagami, and production by MAPPA.

“Yankee x Chiya” is a story in which the main character, Jin Toara, reunites with his former best friend, Asakannon Shinho, and becomes involved in a battle between strong men, and even the shadow of a giant demon appears. It’s a one night story.

Episode 1 “Merge!? Fortune Bang Bungie in love?”

Arani dreams of a sweet high school life at his new school.
However, at Iketou High School, where he came, two groups, Minato-kai and Sigma Squad, were competing to become the top.

Arani’s destiny takes a big turn as he meets his lovely classmate Mahoro, reunites with his childhood friend Shinho, and encounters Chiya, who calls himself the legendary “serious person”…

“Butchigiri?!” Episode 1 “Merge!? Koisuru Fortune Bang Bungee?” is currently being distributed on ABEMA and other channels. The second episode will be broadcast on TV Tokyo and other channels from January 20th.

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