Winter anime “Metallic Rouge” Original “Tech Noir SF” anime presented by Bones and director Yutaka Izubuchi begins! Episode 1 scene cut


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From the winter anime “Metallic Rouge”, the synopsis and scene cuts of the first act (episode 1) “Crimson Plays at the Dawn”, which will be broadcast from January 10, 2024 (Wednesday), have been released.

“Metallic Rouge” is produced by Bonds, the production company behind “My Hero Academia,” “Bungo Stray Dogs,” “Eureka Seven,” and others, as well as the mechanical designer of “Mobile Police Patlabor” and general director of “Space Battleship Yamato 2199.” A tech noir sci-fi anime in which Yutaka Tadebuchi teams up again for the first time in 19 years since “Rahxephon.”
In a world where humans and androids coexist, the story revolves around the android girl Ruju, and the story of the battle for the fate of the androids.

Act 1 “Crimson sings at the dawn” synopsis

2128, Mars. Singer Sarah Fitzgerald, who performs on stage in Canal City, meets a mysterious girl named Luju Redstar and makes her her companion.
Around the same time, an incident occurs in which the smugglers of the drug (Nectar) necessary for the life support of androids (Nairn) are attacked by someone. Sarah’s mistress, Hermann Hayward, an executive at the Mars branch of Panacea Corporation, the manufacturer of Nectar, was also involved in the trafficking.

After finishing the stage, an attacker appears to Sarah who was spending time with Hermann. A mysterious man approaches her after she escapes.
Then, a woman named Naomi Ortman appears in front of Ruju and gives him some information about Sarah.
What is Sara’s hidden past and Ruju’s true purpose…?

“Metallic Rouge” Act 1 “Crimson Plays at the Dawn” is available on d Anime Store and FOD from January 11th.
The second act, “Maze Maze”, will begin broadcasting on Fuji TV’s “+Ultra” and other channels from January 17th.

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